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1 Sky Knowledge
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1  Sky Knowledge

Sky Knowledge

A new naked-eye cosmology, establishing priorities which reflect the natural order of things (such as the Sun being the active center of our local universe). A unique book, an intelligent and surprising exploration of humankind’s relationship to the sky and stars, which not only re-discovers the ancient basis of astrology, but also stirs up many important aspects of humankind’s past and future. Very full and thought-provoking. The accompanying online almanacks contain specially-formatted astronomical data showing the current state of the solar system. This information may help us to correlate our life, and infer a proper connection, to the cosmos. 500 pages – download the PDF for just AUD 24.95 10.00 AVAILABLE NOW.

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the article Heliocentric Cosmology
images of the solar system & auxiliary astronomical information
Listen to Music of the Spheres, first each planet then all together:
Download MP3 and Csound score of Music of the Spheres

Astro-Logical almanacks & journals

Based on the system and format presented at the end of Sky Knowledge, these astronomical almanacks make it easy to correlate our daily lives with the state of the solar system. Bound journals are planned. UPDATED

Download week-to-a-view almanacks:
 for the first half of 2013
 for the second half of 2013
 for the first half of 2014
 for the second half of 2014 – now including Nakshatras...
 for the first half of 2015
 for the second half of 2015
 for the first half of 2016
Compare significant events in your diary with the planetary motions. And please let me know what you discover – we can share this fresh knowledge:
The page Heliocentric Cosmology includes online almanacks for 2011 and 2012.

Have a look at the Certificate of Celestial Ambience, that you can have personalized. In other words you can obtain a very cool heliocentric birth chart. Data source same as that of the Almanacks. HOT


2  Other non-fiction

Language for the World

Possibly the most natural artificial language ever invented. With an eyes-wide-open journey through basic linguistics and phonology, the creation of a new language is described in this book. It is Sgai (commonly known as SIGIL), with its ingenious a priori grammar, extendable vocabulary and beautiful script. The implications of the result are far-reaching, and this book is a unique and important contribution to the study of languages generally. 122 pages – download the PDF for just AUD 10.00 AVAILABLE NOW. NEW

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Thai : serious yet simple

A concisely presented book for anyone wanting to learn to speak, read and write the Thai language. It is a straightforward guide, focusing on the essentials of structure. It includes a two-way Lexicon, and features chapters on the Lanna script and Isan (northeast) dialect. Slim enough to tuck into a backpack; designed for easy reference and self-study wherever and whenever you need it. 144 pages – download the PDF for just AUD 10.00 AVAILABLE NOW.

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Tie knowledge

Once you know how to tie a necktie, it can be a pleasure to wear. A note to myself. ONLINE.

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3  Fiction

Ancient Burlesques Trilogy

Three poetical plays (libretti) of a comical nature, rediscovering the anti-heroic side of some ancient myths. Featuring Ulysses, Orpheus and Theseus as we seldom imagine them. 108 pages – PDF. NEW

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The Future of Wisdom (a satire)

A collection of interviews with key scientific personalities, exploring some of the more questionable aspects of modern science. ONLINE.

Interview with Prof. Paul Eukaryote from the University of Las Vegas
Interview with Prof. Christian Rawkins, Chair of Atheism, University of Tottenham-Spurs


4  In development

Ancient Skies

A fully illustrated book with fascinating new images and notions emerging from humankind’s earliest astronomy and astrology. A companion to Sky Knowledge, featuring four ancient constellation systems and one new one, showing both the star patterns and suggested pictorial forms manifest in naked-eye observation: the Babylonian Mulapin; the Indian nakshatras; the Chinese xiu; the Arabic Faithful stars; and the Galactic Line. This book also has some simplified material based on theories and systems discussed in Sky Knowledge. ~200 pages – EARLY STAGES.

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Business of the Species

What business do we have even being here? Mere survival has taken many forms throughout the history of our species, and most familiar today is the task of making money to support our lifestyles. How “survival” may differ qualitatively from real human needs and talents, and what the difference means for the fate of our species, is explored in this book. An inevitable progression from the paradigms offered in Sky Knowledge. The concept of a Natural Religion is also explored. ~200 pages – EARLY STAGES.

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Handbook of Future Music

A straightforward, universal, non-cultural analysis of music, with many ideas for both musicians and listeners, beginners and maestros. A book for those either bored and disenchanted with the direction of modern music, or curious about what music could become. ~200 pages – EARLY STAGES.

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Space Knowledge

Actually about architecture, and the way we, with human sensibilities, interact with the space around us. Then about how we can encourage harmony through the thoughtful design and use of our physical environment. Indeed, how to create the happiest dwelling and a happier world. ~160 pages – EARLY STAGES.

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Nergal & Ereshkigal

A short poetic novel based on the ancient Mesopotamian myth. This beautiful, symbolic story features one of the most extraordinary female characters of all literature. ~170 pages – EARLY STAGES.

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We must be careful.
Eye-witness accounts, written records,
contemporary explanations: none
are complete nor 100 percent reliable.
We must go Deeper.
Enki, god of Knowledge, Creativity and the Deep

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