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For just AUD 10.00 you can have your very own Certificate of Celestial Ambience. It shows the state of the solar system at the moment of your birth. For a larger view of the certificate example click here. Note: this is not a traditional horoscope. It’s way cooler than that.

a Certificate of Celestial Ambience

Certificate of Celestial Ambience

This is a unique statement about who and what we are. From the moment we are born, when our own life’s clock starts running, the entire solar system is in a very particular configuration, and running smoothly forward according to its own celestial clock. As the planets orbit our Sun, their cycles quietly mark out periods in our own life. Saturn will come back to this point in its orbit in another 30 years, Jupiter in 12 years, whilst Mercury will repeatedly strike this angle every 88 days. Our own Moon changes both her face and location in the course of a month. From our Day One, we become part of this great pulse.

Information about this personal relationship with the local cosmos is not something we usual have access to. Astrologers like to search for patterns and magical influence in complex charts full of lines and romantic connotations. This would be interesting, but most astrology is figured by placing the Earth at the centre of the cosmos, in medieval fashion. Why complicate the natural order, and ignore the awesome, breathtaking, mind-blowing beauty of the Sun’s perfect clock? We became part of this system when we were born. We see the Sun every day, and can find the planets in our night sky. These are reminders of the extent of our home. As a little person at a little spot on a little planet we are made significant by the greater rhythms and energies of which we are part, and which make everything run. Welcome to the World!

You may like to frame your Certificate, after printing – paper size is A4. Some detailed information about how the chart works is included as an extra page. So let’s begin...

Enter your nativity details

1. Date of your birth (year, month & day number):

2. Time and terrestrial Region of your birth (hour & timezone):


3. Your Name to print on the certificate (optional); if no name is given, a space will be left for you to write your own name:

4. Now click  

Once you have double-checked your data, it is sent to me as an email. I will construct a Certificate of Celestial Ambience based on your data, and save the result as a PDF file. The file will be sent to your PayPal email address as an attachment, after confirmation of payment of A$10. Thank you.

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For more discussion of heliocentric cosmology, see the main page (complete with almanack lookup), and the ground-breaking book Sky Knowledge. Please note I cannot give advice relating to your chart.

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