Astrol font

Ian James
© 2005 & 2012

This is the font I developed for the book Sky Knowledge and the Astro-Logical journals. The original version was constructed using Donald Knuth’s METAFONT language. For the journals I scanned the original glyph bitmaps and rebuilt them as a PostScript Type 1 vector font using Fontographer.

The criteria for this particular design was that the glyphs must be able to blend in with the body of text and not stand out on the page. In other words, they had to match the text font – which in this case was Computer Modern Roman – and be integrated with the whole.


In order to judge the size and style of the glyphs, I set up templates where they would be interspersed with random text. Here is one example.

Here is a finished example, taken from the downloadable half-year Astro-Logical journal.

The glyphs & their keys

The table of glyphs below shows the symbols for the zodiacal sectors, the Sun and planets, the Moon, full-moon, new-moon, orthogonal aspects, the galactic centre and an Egyptian star. Below each glyph in green is written the key used in this font.


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