Terms and Conditions

for paid fonts

  1. This font is not free. It may not be modified or re-distributed without my permission.
  2. I can be contacted via <editor@skyknowledge.com>.
  3. This font is copyright; it is a unique artistic creation.
  4. The cost of the font is token payment for the many hours of work put into its design and construction.
  5. Although I have taken care in building and testing the font, no guarantees are given as to its performance or usability. I will not be held responsible for any losses due to problems installing or using the font.
  6. I will however provide refinements and improvements as I make them, or as they become necessary. I will send these updates automatically if you have agreed to receive them, and/or at any time they become essential for proper use of the font.
  7. Your email address is stored only so that these updates may be sent. Privacy is assured.
  8. I will also endeavour to respond to any suggestions and requests for help.
  9. If this font is used by you in a book or public document, it must show a copyright notice: © Ian James.
  10. If this font is used by you in a book or public document, I would very much appreciate a copy of it :)