Empaθi, EMPATHI, empathi, Empa0i, Empaþi — progressive rock band, mostly instrumental, bit avant-garde, et cetera; classified by the Prog Archives team as eclectic prog. Characterized by unique melodic structures, dramatic tension, and driving rhythms. Often complex, these progressive-rock-style pieces are assembled into just four minutes duration. So less symphonic than, say, Yes in Tales From Topographic Oceans. There are still the essential rock sounds of electric guitar, hammond organ and drums, but the pieces are sweeter than, say, Emerson Lake & Palmer or King Crimson, with subtle timbres reminiscent of chamber music. And more lyrical than The Black Page of Frank Zappa, but if you can hum the tunes after a single sitting we shall have failed, in one respect.

The work of Empaθi seeks emotional, energetic and inventive expression free of musical cliché. We use various techniques to achieve unique results: semi-stochastic composition algorithms, digital sound synthesis (including artificial voice*), “musical” drumming, and naïve (non-virtuoso) approaches to playing typical prog rock instruments. The influence of classical music is significant; folk, “world”, jazz and psychedelic music elements also appear. Rewarding many repeat listenings!

god separated from multitude (of gods)

Tabula Operum

I. Album cover - Empathi

Album entitled Empaθi released 2016 now available via Bandcamp. The title refers to the potential within humans for mutual appreciation and peaceful existence. That’s all. Works out at 25 cents or less per minute and 100 cents per semitone. Coins here. Thank you.

Live From Mars    Rattamontree
Saranay    Gasoon    Naramkhan
Planck Length For Pirates    Chapnastan    Leela 1    Music For Elevators

Sapphire group:

1 Jazimuth 4'00"
2 Live From Mars 4'00"
7 Planck Length For Pirates 4'00"
10 Music For Elevators 4'00"

Siamese group:

3 Rattamontree 4'00" รัฐมนตรี
4 Saranay 4'00" สะระแหน่
5 Gasoon 4'00" กระสุน
6 Naramkhan 4'00" น่ารำคาญ
8 Chapnastan 4'00" ฌาปนสถาน
9 Leela 1 4'00" ลีลา ๑

 II. Track artwork - Mux

Free track, released 2016:

 [11] Mux 4'00"

III. Track artwork - Nup

Free track, released 2016:

 [12] Nup 4'00" นับ

IV. Track artwork - Pun

Free track, released 2016:

 [13] Pun 4'00" พันธุ์

 V. Album cover - Fabian Myrrh EP

Short album (EP) entitled The Subtle Bodies Of Fabian Myrrh to be released 2017 or 2018 via Bandcamp.

 Nº1 Deneb 4'00"
 Nº2 Spica 4'00"
 Nº3 Canopus 4'00"
 Nº4 Fomalhaut 4'00"

Also enjoy these tracks (at a slightly reduced sound quality) via SoundCloud/empathi. Thanks again. All by Empaθi.


Simon Reimann     singe, backgroan, wail, idea phones, yell patterns [when available]*
Claude Lordserious fret, strings wounded, vocal harm
Evan Previnenvelopes, stationery waves, midi or larger
Dean Greenwax, polyribbons, offbeast, idiophones, dumb sticks, silverbeat, bonkers
Martin Bartondrop bass, undertones, palindrones, shrutibox, beatroot
Fleur Burrfeedbacking, trx, sound capture & release, amples, backache vocals*
Cecil Besselwindhorn
Brent Wendtharmonicle

CR studio:

Nong Jorcomposition secretary (all pieces trough-composed)
Luke Tewadarunhelpful assistant
Engmot Louiedirection & production
Jop Boriboonmastering

'Studio in Chiangrai Thailand 2016' in Latin, Thai and Lanna script

*read more about Mr. and Mrs. Vox on Empaθi’s artificial voice page.

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