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The Enochian or Angelic alphabet was revealed and/or developed by the Renaissance scientist John Dee and his psychic associate Edward Kelley. The first revelations of this alphabet came to Kelley in 1583, in experiments of communication with angels. The writing system and its language are unusual among trance-inspired products (including glossolalia) in having a relatively large corpus of translated words.


The alphabet appears to be a simple cipher of English letters. The actual phonemes represented by each letter are a little uncertain in the details, but many who use the alphabet on a regular basis (magicians) have developed various standards, so that the Angelic texts recorded by Dee may be read aloud. The Kelley part of this font is based on his own hand-drawn shapes; the Dee part of this font is my rendition of Dee’s own hand, emphasizing the light and playful (angelic) character of the forms. For comparison, I have shown the letters published by the early-20th century magician Alistair Crowley.

Enochian letters
Enochian letters


This is a regularized version of the 2nd Enochian Key, delivered in 1584 in Cracow, Poland. Source for the translation is Geoffrey James, The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee, 2009.

2nd Enochian Call

Adgt upaah zong om faaip sald viv l sobam ialprg izazaz piadph casarma abramg ta talho paracleda q ta lorslq turbs ooge baltoh giui chis lusd orri od micalp chis bia ozongon lap noan trof cors ta ge oq manin iaidon torzu gohel zacar ca cnoqod zamran micalzo od ozazm vrelp lap zir ioiad.

“Can the wings of the windes understand your voyces of wonder O you the second of the first, Whome the burning flames have framed within the depths of my Jaws, whome I have prepared as Cupps for a wedding or as the flowres in their beawty for the Chamber of righteousnes Stronger are your fete then the barren stone: And myghtier are your voices then the manifold windes. For you are become a buylding such as is not but in the minde of the all powerfull. Arrise sayeth the First Move therefore unto his Servants: Shew yourselves in powre: And make me a strong Seething: for I am of him that liveth forever.”

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