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script name

The Ariyaka script was created by King Rama IV of Siam in 1833 for use with the Pali language. He established a printing press for the script at Boworniwetsawiharn Temple in Bangkok, and had a small number of texts printed. Some correspondence with Sri Lankan monks was undertaken in the script. There was also a cursive (hand-written) version, but sources are very unclear in the details.

Chart of letters

This shows the usual arrangment of Pali letters, as well as some of the punctuation marks used in Ariyaka documents:

chart of Ariyaka letters

Sample texts

1. This verse comes from the Dhammapada, using my Ariyaka Nouveau 2011 font:

example of Pali using Ariyaka
“Oh house-builder! You are seen, you shall build no house (for me) again.
All your rafters are broken, your roof-tree is destroyed.
My mind has reached the unconditioned; the end of craving has been attained.”

2. This comes from Vinaya Mahavagga I.23, and a version of this was engraved above the gate at Phraram IX Kanjanaphisek Temple in Bangkok:

another example of Pali using Ariyaka
“Of those things that arise from a cause,
The Tathagata has told the cause,
And also what their cessation is:
This is the doctrine of the Great Recluse.”

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