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This is another easily hand-written, phonetically constructed alphabet from my Phonological Cypher series. It has some similarity to cursive scripts like Arabic, but the vowels are fully developed. It runs from left to right.


The consonants come in series, where the main shape shows the location and alterations show alternatives relating to articulation or position in word. The last column contains co-articulations. Some forms are initial only or medial only. As with connections in the Arabic script, not all sounds have distinct initial, medial and final forms. The first table shows the main series.

The second table show the liquids, sibilants and other sounds.


The vowels are separate from the flow of consonants, floating above a “holder” which connects to the consonant flow. The main shapes are obtained from curves in a symmetric 3×3 vowel-space, and their holder shows whether the vowel is to be rounded or not.

The vowel holders:

For a few common diphthongs, some connected curves are available, which float above a pair of holders:


This is the first line of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18, for comparison with versions of SIGIL etc.

Shall I compare thee to a summerís day?


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