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script name

This is another easily hand-written, phonetically constructed alphabet from my Phonological Cypher series. It is designed for use with English, and follows in a very long line of offerings from people wanting to re-spell the language. This script seeks simplicity and integrity of shape, using many shapes related to each other as well as to well-known shapes from the IPA and European character sets.

Chart of letters

Each letter is written with only one stroke of the pen (unlike Latin f i j k t x y), and diacritics are avoided. There are also no strong diagonals (compare Latin k v w x y z). Note that /t/ and /k/ come from Gaelic, and voiced and unvoiced /th/ come from a common transcription method for Avestan. The /g/, /ng/, long /e/, long /a/ and long /o/ come from the IPA.


This is the beginning of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18, for comparison with English, and with versions of SIGIL etc.

Shall I compare thee to a summerís day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
And summerís lease hath all too short a date.


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