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Index of Scripts (cont’d)

Indic syllabary, of the component variety.
ThaiTaiLue extended inline Thai alphabet with ideas from TaiLue.
Brahmi Lue full, modern Indic-style alphabet with vowels and finals derived from the TaiLue script.
Alcesian a bold, serifed innovation built upon Ian James’ Full Aelg.
Tropozia Lipi syllabary based very loosely on Ian James’ Elektrum, with vowels inside the consonant frame.
KhuenTaiLue hybrid of Khuen/Lanna and New Tai Lue, with some extra phonemes.
Thai Pen Sen linear extension of Thai, using inline vowels and new tone system.
Arabiyat-il-Latînat a left-to-right revision of Arabic, with Latin-style glyphs, somewhat reminiscent of Bostani.
CyrTai a modified Cyrillic script for Thai and/or Indic languages.
HurufArkawi Arkian letters, inspired by the game ANIMA Ark of Sinners.
ShastraLipi Indic and SE Asian consonant forms, with “scientific” vowel system.
OrosoLipi Cyrillic-based alphabet featuring semivowels as diacritics.
Akson Dawk the ‘flower’ script, Indic-based.
Bhartuli a stylized Indic script.
Siizu Lipi complex but clearly organized component syllabary.
Indarthai a cursive alphabet with modifier diacritics.
Myanmai an alphabet with influences from Burmese, Ramkhamhaeng Thai and other South Asian scripts.
hybrid of extended Burmese and Gondi scripts.
Mammattia Lipi abugida inspired by, and derived from, Matt Youen’s script Banlehu.
Lunate Letters a connected-abugida or syllabary alphabet, with some reference to Burmese shapes.
Ishchuq’ alphabet derived from Armenian, with phonetic digraphs & trigraphs.
Ethebar a syllabary where the parts are joined, reminiscent of Ethiopic.
Bharatakshara extended Indic script in the style of Devanagari.
Karwe Shan hybrid alphabet with Burmese-based consonants and TaiLe-style vowels.
Bharaklak Lipi square Indic script where vowels are joined; name comes from /bhara/ “Indic” + /klak/ Thai for “box”.
Khudawadi Lipi
the lovely old Sindhi script, with extensions for Arabic etc.
Nawariyakkhara a stylization and extension of the Ariyaka script of King Rama IV of Siam.
Ramkhamia Lipi extension and development of King Ramkhamhaeng’s Thai script; more consonants and linear vowels.
Akson Hima Phaan Brahmi-style syllabary with influences from Japanese Kana.
Kwerbha Lyppai new syllabary with stacked components, inspired by a joke of Ian James.
BurShanLe hybrid of Burmese, Shan and TaiLe.
MongolBichig a right-to-left (rotated 90 degrees clockwise) Mongolian script with Latin-based glyphs.
Akson-e-Saq Indic-based alphabet with bitonal consonants; the saq “hair” refers to the stroke on top of the letters.
Klakson component-based syllabary, with the name coming from Thai klak “little box” + akson “letters”.
Indabxaz the modern Indabxaz script is an alphabet, where the vowel marks are always written on a carrier ‘u’. Long ago, the vowel marks were put upon the consonants.
Mammaui a full combining syllabary, inspired by Ian James’ Maui script.
Xiluxin a phonetically rich alphabet system using mostly Cyrillic shapes with diacritics.
Pau Thai Lai alphabet mixture of Lao, Thai and Pau Cin Hau, with Indic influences.
Hwang P’o Sark an extension of the Korean script with more sounds.
TwCenThai simplified, modern style Thai with extra vowels. (Name comes from the font used in its creation.)
Sigilipi an alphabetic syllabary with half-characters derived from Devanagari, and extra marks partially from Japanese Kana.
Etiozindi Lipi hybrid of Sindhi and Ethiopic, mostly intended for Ethiopian.
Asomtavrabjad Courier-style alphabet with carrier vowels, based on the old Asomtavruli style of Georgian.
Tai Boeng new Indic-based script with bitonal consonant set; Tai Viet consonants and New Tai Lue vowels, in Times New Roman style.
Thai Sara Baep Mai extension of Thai, using inline vowels inspired by those of King Rama 6.
InsulTai stacked syllabary based on Tai/Indic, inspired by a letter seen on a shirt in a TV program, and Lanna script.
Oytunnic a full, Lanna-style abugida.
Times New Burmese a Burmese script using style of Times New Roman (Latin) font.
Pers-e-Bur a Burmese-style alphabet for Persian, including vowel sound shifts from Old Persian to modern Iranian languages.
Thau alphabetic extension and modification of Tai/Shan.
hybrid of Burmese and Thaana (Maldivian).
Kerna Lipi new cursive syllabary system, inspired by Ian James’ Nav script for the language of the aliens of Avatar.
Zantobi writing system of the fictitious Zan people.
MyaShanLe extended hybrid of Burmese, Shan and TaiLe.
Tai Riang Khiau
inline modification and extension of Thai.
Sirindi Lipi hybrid of Cyrillic and various Indic scripts.
Zhelkaran syllabary inspired by Tanis Kint’s Zhelniv script.
Syllabitsa geometric syllabary with full phoneme coverage, inspired by Canadian Aboriginal syllabics.
New Konkani alphabet for the Konkani language, in Times New Roman style.
before 2009
Myalanna alphabetic hybrid of Burmese and Lanna, with features from Semitic scripts in the vowels (matres lectiones as bases).
SvanTimes extended Georgian alphabet using style of Times New Roman (Latin) font.
Dai Nemew tonal alphabetic script using modified Tai letters.
Courier Tengwar alphabetic extension to Tolkien’s system, using an attractive Courier style font.
Cingambi connected script for an imaginary language lacking fricatives (similar to many Australian Aboriginal languages).
Mattelluttu Brahmic style quasi-syllabary, with most vowels joined to their consonants.
Uklandar new system with regular phonemic treatment & full vowel set; the vowel system is almost that of Khmer.
Zagwi a complex, but neat and regular, syllabary.
Gaudikarang cased alphabet using Indic-style characters and a Times-style font.
Burkayah alphabetic hybrid of Burmese and Kayah Li.
Mt’sk’riobha Lipi a stylized and greatly extended Georgian alphabet, based on the Mkhedruli style.
Kai Lipi the “egg” script, based on Shan/Burmese and Indic.
RajaLipi Indic-based tonal script with front-back consonant sets, inspired by the Lao script.
Jimeneh Lipi
a full phonetic Latin-style alphabet featuring digraphs & trigraphs.
Modern Twitterati full phoneme alphabet based loosely on Burmese. (The name comes from the now defunct Langmaker website.)
Gowaithani new system suggestive of Indic-style abugida, inspired by Unicode charts of Indic scripts.
Cao Yin Zi Times New Roman style alternative to Bopomofo for Han Chinese; name suggested by Simon Ager of Omniglot.
Mattai Le extension of TaiLe with slight Japanese Kana influence.
Maggezian syllabary in Times New Roman style with vowels affixed regularly.
Urethanian an alphasyllabary using symmetric glyph-parts assembled into ornate “eggs”.
EmThaLei an alphasyllabary catering for CVVC languages, assembled into decorative geometric units.
Oiponki a syllabary with main-vowel forms, and a unique method of assembling other vowels.
Ixirai Ur’thana a phonetically assembled script, with the vowel sounds of classical Arabic.
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