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script name

This is another easily written, phonetically constructed script from my Phonological Cypher series. It is a cursive syllabic alphabet, where the basic consonant and vowel shapes are mirrors of each other. The bold font style used here is based on Bauhaus, and shows the overlap of curves.


The glyphs run along a central baseline, and the basic shapes rise above or fall below it. As with my other phonetic-based scripts, related phonemes have the same primary glyph, and differ by use of diacritics.

Idensh consonants

The following are medial consonants, coming before the syllable vowel. The /j/, /w/ and /h/ can also be used to express palatization, rounding and aspiration, respectively.

Idensh medials


Vowel shapes are reflections of the consonant shapes, and complete the syllable (which is a single stroke). There are a few established diphthongs. Nasalization is shown by inserting a glyph similar to /ng/ before the vowel – see its use in the script name above.

Idensh vowels

Other marks

Aside from simple punctuation (which may borrow period, comma, etc from other scripts), there is an extender like Arabic tatweel, and a generic pause symbol.

other Idensh marks


This is the beginning of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 again (transliteration only), for comparison with versions of SIGIL etc.

Idensh example
Shall I compare thee to a summerís day?

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