Full Aelg Roman

Ian James
© December 2011

script name

This is a roman-serifed version of Full Aelg, inspired by a variation of my original by Mattias Persson called Alcesian. The main innovations are shape regularization and the depiction of vowels as Indic-style prefixes and suffixes. In both cases, the name refers to “moose”. No hint of the paleolithic survives in the new versions.


The basis of consonants is a circle with various lateral attachments signifying a phonetic location. Attached to this “head” are various arrangements of modifying “antlers” above and below, specifying a discrete or continuous articulation, and voicing (no antler below means unvoiced). After each word or separable phoneme-stream comes a dot.

bases of Full Aelg Roman

Here is the full set of base+modifers for the P series. For syllabic-final or vowel-less consonants, the round “eye” of the head is slashed.

P series of Full Aelg Roman

Some other letters are formed specially. The sibilants are derived from the T head. The laterals are derived from the K head. Liquids and semivowels have no antlers.

other letters of Full Aelg Roman


The main innovation upon the original is bringing the vowels into line with the consonants, rather than having them as floating diacritics. Forward vowels still sit to the right of their consonant, back vowels sit to the left. Close vowels turn upward, open vowels turn downward. Rounded vowels have a circle at their tail, and centralized vowels have a cross-tick.

vowels of Full Aelg Roman

Sample text

example of Full Aelg Roman
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?


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