A script for Badaga

Mattias Persson & Ian James
© February 2017

script name /ede netru barego/

This attractive script was invented by Yogesh of Kadasoley in 1978 for Badaga, a South Dravidian language spoken by people in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. It is inspired by neighbouring Brahmi-style scripts (Kannada and Tamil), but has many new letter shapes. Information was gathered from this Badaga website, and made into clearer charts by Mattias Persson.


Each letter has an inherent /a/, which vowel may be changed by adding vowel marks (see below). Unvoiced plosives are formed regularly by the addition of a stroke to the top right of a voiced plosive.


There are special letters for initial/independent vowels. Otherwise vowel marks are attached or placed after, below or above their consonant. There is a mark to silence the inherent /a/.

Other constructions

To show aspiration of a plosive, a dot is placed above it:

To show post-consonantal /r/, a line is placed before the syllable:

To show nasalization of a vowel, an arch is placed above the syllable:

Charts of syllables

Here Mattias has drawn out the syllabic possibilities in full. Most constructions are regular.


Here is a cleaned version of a handwritten text, showing the script in action.


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