A script for Badaga

Ian James
© September 2012

script name /badugu bare/

This attractive script was invented by Anandhan Raju in 2009 for Badaga, a South Dravidian language spoken by people in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. It is inspired by neighbouring Brahmi-style scripts (Kannada and Tamil), but has many new letter shapes. The font is available from this Badaga website.


Each letter has an inherent /a/, which vowel may be changed by adding vowel diacritics (see below).


These are the letters for initial vowels.

Otherwise vowel marks are used above, before and/or after a consonant. No mark implies the inherent /a/; a dot above a consonant means no vowel. Diacritics and letters shown here with /k/.

To show the distinctive retracted (retroflex and semi-retroflex) vowel modifications, a diacritic similar to breve is placed above.


Despite the rather plain geometry of the individual glyphs, the script looks very attractive when written out.


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